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Comprehensive General Practitioner

The most important in a relationship between a general practitioner and a patient is trust. Frequently, a doctor has known his patient for years. A doctor is able to connect acute medical conditions to previous or pre-existing medical issues and herewith obtain a more complete picture of a patient’s health condition. Due to this relationship, general practitioners often have the best understanding of a patient’s situation – also in case of personal problems or conflicts. A general practitioner is the ‘first line of defense’ when it comes to general medical issues. In certain cases, health insurances require this approach.

Our medical office is linked to the ‘Hausarztmodell’ of the Canton Schwyz, which is a health-insurance model that helps saving insurance premiums, while benefiting of an optimal treatment quality. Additional information (in German):

House Calls And Nursing Home Visits

Some patients are physically so weak that they don’t make it to the doctor’s office. We don’t let our patient down, in case of need we visit them in their private home or in the nursing home to take care of their health issues and offer cure and support.

Health Check-up

A check-up is an extensive general analysis of your health. After a detailed conversation and the collection of your personal and family’s medical history, a series of lab-based tests are performed, and supplemented by ECG and X-ray, if necessary. After such an analysis you’ll have a better understanding of your risks and you may better optimize your health.

In-house Pharmacy

We dispose of an own in-house pharmacy and may therefore dispense medicines directly to patients. This offers a variety of benefits to the patient. Operating an in-house pharmacy also implies a number of responsibilities. We care for a law-compliant, cost-efficient and smooth organization of our in-house pharmacy. Ordering medicines is also possible online. Click here to access the order form.

Emergency Medical Service

Our medical office is a member of the Medical Emergency Organization of the ‘Höfe’ District. In case of a medical emergency after opening hours please dial this number: 0840 81 81 81. You’ll be connected to the doctor on duty for the ‘Höfe’ District and on a number of days we are on medical emergency duty ourselves.

Resting ECG

Our heart is a pump controlled by electrical impulses. These impulses flow in a certain direction, in a given rhythm. Discrepancies in this regard tell a lot about the health of the hearth and - in some cases - save lives. The electrical recording of the flow of the heart in a resting position (i.e., lying on the bed) is known as resting-ECG. ECG stands for electrocardiogram.

X-ray Imaging

X-rays were discovered in the 19th century by the German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. Nowadays, an X-ray system belongs to every general practitioner’s medical office as a mean for a good and fast diagnosis. In our medical office, we feature a digital X-ray system, therefore reducing the radiation exposure and allowing for a quick and efficient diagnosis.

Lab Analysis

In our lab, we take blood and urine samples, we take samples of feces and do smears in an efficient and competent manner. Results are available within minutes due to a good interconnectivity of our software. Patients obtain a view of their results on a computer-screen, so that therapies can better be discussed between doctors and patients.

Wound Healing Treatment

Scars, cuts or burns are serious skin injuries that pose some challenges. They can lead to infections and thus seriously threaten the entire health or they can leave ugly scars after their healing. Proper wound care reduces the risk of complications.

Iron And Vitamin Infusion

A syndrome of exhaustion may result after a serious illness, a surgery or often after giving birth; this is often caused by a deficiency of iron or vitamins. The intake of iron and vitamins is, depending on the condition of the patient respectively blood conditions, done in a conventional way, i.e., via tablets or drops. Sometimes an infusion is unavoidable for a swift and efficient replenishment of the lacking substances in the body.


Vaccinations are one of the greatest achievements of modern medicine. Dangerous and deadly illnesses were extinguished thanks to this progress in medicine, such as smallpox (variola vera). The Swiss Vaccination Plan is being updated every year and is available on the website of the Swiss Federal Health Administration ( We perform vaccinations also without setting an appointment, please bring along your vaccination certificate.

Travel Medicine

Travelling means lots of fun and high expectations. A good medical preparation is part of a successful journey. A good travel pharmacy and vaccinations are part of that. Airlines may request that certain vaccinations were done beforehand and in case of such vaccinations missing, and depending on the country of destination, boarding of the aircraft may be forbidden. Within an extensive conversation, we provide advisory and hints for a beautiful and worry-free travel.

24-hour Blood Pressure Measurement

Blood pressure is not always the same. It may change due to the time of the day and the physical stress. In some cases blood pressure increases while visiting the doctor’s office. It’s the ‘white coat’ hypertension or better known as “white coat syndrome”: it’s a nervousness that only appears at the doctor’s office. It is frequently recommended to perform a 24-hour blood pressure measurement when a health situation is unclear or before a drug therapy with an uncertain outcome. Patients are asked to wear a blood pressure cuff for 24 hours, i.e. a day and a night, together with a small device to record the data. The device measures the blood pressure automatically and in pre-set intervals, which are longer at night than during the day. It is very important that the patient doesn’t spare him- or herself, but pursues the usual and customary activity. The analysis is done via a computer program. The physician discusses the result with the patient in a personal and detailed conversation.

Driver’s Aptitude Test

The driver’s aptitude encompasses a physical, mental and attitudinal capability to operate a motor vehicle.

There are two categories:

Step 1: cars up to 3.5 tons.

Step 2: trucks, taxi, bus and traffic experts.

As of 1.1.2019, all drivers starting age 75 have to undergo a ‘step 1’ test. Patient will be called automatically via the Cantonal Traffic Authority.

Scuba Diver Health Check

You need to confirm your scuba-diving aptitude in order to access a scuba-diving school; for this purpose, you need a medical certificate confirming your scuba-diving aptitude. Our doctors will examine you according to the directives of SGUHM/SUHMS (Swiss Underwater and Hyperbaric Medical Society) and certify your aptitude. It is in your best interest to do this examination. Scuba diving is an exciting but also a complex sport that includes medical risks.

Firefighter Medical Exam

Firefighters are hard-trained and dedicated persons ready to help people in danger - day and night. Through their interventions they put their life in danger and are often exposed to hazardous chemicals and fumes. A thorough medical exam is needed before a person can join the department.

Medical and Psychological Consultation

Daily routine often leads our lives. Questions – and sometimes doubts – remain unanswered and unprocessed. A conversation with the physician of your trust may bring the solution, opens the doors into new perspectives and eliminates plaguing thoughts.

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